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I would like to tell you about some of the things I liked about your Next Wave system.

The fuel savings alone totaled 1516 Liters of fuel. We fished the same grounds and did more travelling this year than last
The oil consumption was ½ compared to last year because with the new system, we were able to run one engine rather than the old system we had which consisted of two engines. Next Wave was able to remove, 2 twin disc gears out and 2- 3116 Cat engines, installing one 3116 Cat engine and one hydraulic driven transmission system. The boat packed our prawns and the gear better because we were approximately 5000 lbs lighter.

I personally found the hydraulic drive system superior because it worked well picking up and dropping our gear onto the fishing grounds. We work our boat in very tidy areas and fish in not so favorable wind conditions.
On a good weather day the engine seed could be set at about 800-1000rpm. I could just bump the hydraulic drive in and out of gear. This system I found to be ½ the engine noise of the old engines I had had.

Another appealing feature on this system is the room. I had three times the room in the engine room, because the new engine was able to be mounted sideways in the stern of the boat with only the hoses and high pressure hydraulic lines running under the floor boards, up to the transmission which is about ½ as big as a twin disc and ¼ the weight.

The boat was estimated to cruise at 10 knots. I have only reached about 8.5 knots although I am confident with some work on the wheel pitch will achieve the 10 knots that was estimated.

I would suggest that anyone that is having this system installed that they run a demand gear driven hydraulic pump for their deck gear. I suggest this because we had a Greson 12 gallon pump on and an electric clutch and when you rev. the engine to steer the boat it over revs the Gr3eson pumps.

As far as a prawn boat goes I am convinced by our experience that this has been a very welcome change, is proving itself with all the positive aspects it has show.

In concluding I would like to say that when the boat owner came to me and said he was considering this system I was skeptical, after four years getting used to the boat such a changed was worrisome to me. Now, with the first season under my belt I must say I was very impressed in every way.

John Main, Vancouver Island. Skipper

When I purchased my salmon troller, it needed a new power plant. NextWave Marine Systems, suggested I try a hydrostatic variable speed drive which he was designing.
After lengthy discussions on the benefits of this type of drive, I decided to install the prototype, built by Next Wave Marine Systems.
This companies skills have made this new technology a reality.
I have operated the hydrostatic drive for 7 fishing seasons without a leak or squeak.

So what is so great about this system?

The engine can be installed in a convenient location and is not hooked to the prop shaft. This gives quieter living spaces.
There is no shaft vibration which greatly reduces noise and variable speed which is fantastic for manoeuvring, docking, troll fishing, pot pulling, long lining or just cruising. There is no need to deploy stabilizers, buckets and drogues to slow the boat for fishing.
Shaft RPM can be from zero to cruise speed by the touch of a lever.
There is no more hesitation for a transmission to shift.
Forward to reverse is instant and smooth.

NextWave built this system to be rugged, variable speed, vibration free, quiet operationally and fuel efficient. Their commitment to excellence in engineering and manufacturing of this new technology hydrostatic drive has provided me with propulsion system that has exceeded my greatest expectations. My respect and trust in Ted Mark is “without bounds!”

Richard L. Schoel (Signed)
Cdr. USCG Retired
FAA Certified A & P Mechanic
Alaska Commercial Fisherman (retired)

In 2009, I decided to change my transmission in my vessel which was coupled to a Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine. I chose to install a Hidramech.

After sea trialing in local Sidney waters, I took a trip north to Bella Bella area and would like to comment on the benefits of the Hidramech.

Transmission is very compact and can fit into tight places. Eliminates other configurations of transmissions. It uses the space efficiently.

It is mounted independently from the engine. It can also be engaged at any engine revolutions without harming the unit.

This transmissions is electronically controlled which gives easy installation of the controls and precise vessel speed control.

The propeller size is not critical due to variable speed of the transmission that allows the selection of the load to match the power generated by the engine. The drive system allows the operation of the engine at the best performance level.

The greatest benefits to me:

  • handling the change of propeller speed. Previously I could not slow the propeller down. This new system enables me to maneuver into very tight places which is a delight.
  • improved handling for docking a high horsepower boat

Axel Ostrom
Fisherman (retired) Sidney. BC
Sidney, BC Canada