The Drive Plate replacement solution

The Benefits of Suredrive™


Eliminates high cost, high wear components and downtime related to your drive system


Infinitely stronger than traditional drive plates, the Suredrive™ gets you home every time


The Suredrive™ dampens noise and vibration that is transmitted along the prop shaft and into the water, particularly in the low R.P.M. range


It's simple & it's easy! If you can operate a torque wrench you can install your own Suredrive™.

The Suredrive™ marine coupling is a top quality product, having the Outer and Inner Spider Drives cast from quality ductile iron, and the Center Spline Hub machined from high nickel content, 4140 steel. Each and every part is precision machined on the most up to date computer manufacturing equipment, ensuring close tolerances and product uniformity.